New Release 9 July 2024

Love on the Scottish Summer Coast

Kirsty thought she left her small Scottish hometown behind for good when she fled to the big city. But when family duty calls her back to the quaint coastal town of Cairnhaven, she finds herself face-to-face with the man who shattered her heart – her first love, Connor.
As they’re flung back into each other’s lives, Kirsty and Connor must navigate the unresolved tensions and tender memories of their shared past. But on the picturesque Aberdeenshire coast, can they find the courage to give their second chance romance another try?
With its irresistible small town setting and electric chemistry between the reunited lovers, Love on the Scottish Summer Coast is a captivating second chance romance that will sweep you away to Scotland.
Grab your tartan picnic blanket and get ready to fall in love all over again.
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Beatrice Bradshaw in the Scottish Highlands

Who is writing?

I’m glad you asked. Scottish Historian and German journalist/ translator by day and romance author by night, I have escaped from Berlin to Scotland over five years ago. And not looked back once.

Beatrice Bradshaw
Writer and Translator in Scotland.

The Scottish Romance Series

Escape to Scotland

Have you ever thought about throwing the towel, selling everything, dropping whatever it is you’re doing – to run off to Scotland? You’re not alone.

‘Escape to Scotland’ is a series of four interconnected standalone novels that will whisk you away to the wild beauty and vibrant communities of the Scottish Highlands, Islands, East Coast, and enchanted woodlands.

In each seasonally themed small town romance, courageous women leave their lives behind and venture to Scotland. Whether restoring a castle and healing deep wounds, reforming a playboy and discovering hidden desires, returning to a hometown and falling for the first boyfriend all over again… each heroine discovers an unexpected chance at love and happiness with a local Scottish hunk.

Book one, Love in the Scottish Winter Highlands, and book two, Love on the Scottish Spring Isle, are available on Amazon. Book three, Love on the Scottish Summer Coast, is currently being edited.

Marla inherits a castle in Scotland – and an annoyingly attractive neighbour. Niall is hot, he’s handy, and he’s determined to get rid of her.  Until one fateful Highland snowstorm leads to a passionate night that changes everything…
Runaway bride April’s escape leads her to a Scottish isle – into the arms of surf instructor Euan MacLeod. Yearning for adventure, she proposes a one-night stand. But as passions ignite, Euan risks losing more than his beloved camper van… Can this vacation fling become a love strong enough to last forever?

What Other Readers Are Saying...

Thank you so much for reading my books and taking the time to write a review. <3

What a sweet book!! Both Marla and Niall are so broken and fighting to appear put together to the outside world.
This book broke my heart then put it back together again. Lovely debut novel!!
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Review on Book 1

Well this was heartwarming!
I am a sucker for a wee grumpy/sunshine romance and this book delivered. I enjoyed Marla and Niall’s relationship. I loved their chemistry but I also really liked their witty banter.
A one-line drawing of a snowflake

Review on Book 1

What a wonderful read. The equivalent of a Hebridean island: captivating, romantic and at times wild and untamed. Scottish romance can often be full of cliches, but not this. It was authentic and also moving and funny.
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Review on Book 2

Cute, entertaining and enjoyable! Made me laugh and was an easy read. Read it in one sitting.
I haven’t read book 1, so it is possible to read them out of order. I will be snagging a copy of book 1.
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Review on Book 2

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